Tuesday, February 21, 2012

St. Agostina Pietrantoni

I have been reading about the lives of the saints in a book titled "Modern Saints, Their Lives and Faces" by Ann Ball.  I find that I am able to find a take away one point or lesson from each saint's life and learn something from it.  I definitely recommend it!

Here is a line from the book that helps me to understand St. Agostina Pietrantoni:

"Sister Agostina did not need words to speak of God; her actions spoke clearly of her love for Him, and everybody seemed to understand."

She worked in a hospital which forbid the sisters from speaking about God to the patients but she was still able to communicate the message of God to the patients without using words.

This gives us something to think about in our lives.  Very often in our work we want to share the message of the Lord but we are not supposed to talk about God in many settings.  We don't have to and can't let that stop us from spreading the truth.  We need to spread the truth and the love of God with our actions and our lives more than anything.

What are some ways that our lives can show God's love.

Dear Lord, Help me to use my actions and my life to share your message.

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