Sunday, May 27, 2012

Matthew 4:4

Matthew 4:4

He said in reply, "It is written:
'One does not live by bread alone,
but by every word that comes forth
from the mouth of God'"

First of all before I get on to my real point I would like to point out just another reason that Jesus was truly amazing.  When ever one of Jesus' tempters say something to him, he always has the perfect response.  He always has something to say that not only answers their question (or makes it irrelevant) but he also finds a way to  teach them about his father at the same time.  Wouldn't it be great if every time someone said something to us challenging our faith we could have a response like that right at the tip of our tongues?

Now on to what I really had to say about this verse. We need more than just the things of this Earth to be truly alive.  So often their are times that I am just not feeling great.  I'm not sick but I'm just not my normal self.  I look to what could be making me this way.

Am I overly stressed about something?

Have I been getting enough sleep?

Am I worried about something or someone?

Have I been eating healthy?

Have I been getting enough exercise?

While these are all good questions to be asking there is one that I always forget to ask myself.

Have I been spending enough time with the Lord?

In order to be truly alive we have to live from his words.  It is not enough that we have all our earthly needs met but we also have to have our heavenly needs met.  I know this is true from by own experiences and from the experiences of others that I have observed.  

So why do I always forget it???

Maybe it is because we are reminded of our other needs and concerns so often from our doctors, the media and our family and friends.  Sometimes we need a reminder to turn to the Lord but if our society constantly pushed him out of our lives, where are we going to get this reminder?  This is why I feel that it is so important that we surround ourselves with people, objects and media that point us towards the Lord.

How can we remember to turn towards the Lord?

Dear Lord, Help me to remember to live by your words.