Friday, October 26, 2012

Seeing the positive- traffic edition

Earlier this week I had the (un)fortunate opportunity to sit in stand still traffic for over an hour on my way to work.  Given this extra time I got to thinking why I was really lucky to have this opportunity.  Here are my 7 reasons why I should be happy to spend my morning sitting in stand still traffic.

--- 1 ---

I was not in one of the 5 cars or the tracker trailer about a mile ahead that was causing all 3 lanes to be shut down.

--- 2 ---

I was not in the car next to me with the two young children who seemed to be almost as unhappy as their mother.  I'm sure my hour in traffic was much more peaceful than hers.  She really must have some patients.

--- 3 ---

I did not have to go pee.  That would have made for an uncomfortable morning.
Your text here.

--- 4 ---

I work with some awesome people who were able to cover my classes until I arrived.

--- 5 ---

I had enough work in my car to keep me occupied.  (Actually it would have kept me occupied a lot longer)  I was able to get some quizzes graded and would have gotten a lot more done but eventually the traffic started moving again.

--- 6 ---

I was not on my way to the airport.  That would have been a very nerve wracking experience which probably would have ended in rescheduling a flight.

--- 7 ---

It was a beautiful sunny day which I was able to enjoy (if only from my car) since I usually get into work before the sun is really up.

Hope the weekend is just as enjoyable as my Monday morning was.

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