Friday, December 28, 2012

Quick Takes #5

--- 1 ---

I have a few minutes to spare since I am enjoying my wonderful Christmas break so I thought I would give quick takes another try.  Maybe I will get more than 1 week in a row this time.  I guess we can hope.

--- 2 ---

Just quick story of the power of prayer (even for the small things).  I had already used up a great many hours of my wonderful Christmas break doing research for my dreaded research paper and now I had been siting at my computer looking at a blank word document for about 30 minutes but would not think of any good ways to start this paper.  By this point I had given up trying to find a good way to start the paper and I was willing to take any start to the paper (good or awful) but I had nothing.  I told myself that I was not going to get up until I had at least 2 pages and that was going to be a while since I had nothing and was no where close to having even a single word.  What is there to do?
A quick prayer!
And before I knew it I had a (good) first line and soon I had the whole paper written up.  And now I can really enjoy the break. (I just won't think about all the other work that I have to do.)

--- 3 ---

Christmas is not over.  At midnight on December 25th Christmas songs are taken off the radio, Christmas lights are not turned on any more, trees start coming down, people start wishing you a happy new year instead of a Merry Christmas.  How can we keep Christmas alive in our hearts and in our lives when the rest of the world is done with it?  Spiritual Woman links to a great article with just that advice, 5 Ways to Keep the Christmas Spirit Alive in Your Heart.  Worth a read.

--- 4 ---

For those of you in the northeast, I think we lucked out on Christmas weather.  I woke up to a light snow coming down.  Just enough to make the ground white and snow to be falling but not enough to interfere with all the traveling and visiting that was planned.  (Although some were hoping for enough so that we would be prevented from visiting anyone or even leaving the house.)

--- 5 ---
After all of the Christmas festivities I am home now with a refrigerator full of leftovers.  Each meal is like a warm memory of the holidays.  It is going to be quite a shock when I have to start cooking again.

--- 6 ---

Our Christmas tree is still green (or at least as green as when we got it)!  This is the first year we have managed to keep the tree looking healthy for more than a week.  Hoping it will last through the Epiphany!

--- 7 ---
Quick prayer request, I have to speak to my doctor today, which is something that I am not looking forward to.  It is always quite a struggle.  I would like just a little piece of information without having to wait two months for an appointment just to be told I have to see a specialist and wait another 2 months for an appointment.  I'm getting anxious even thinking about it.

Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!

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