Thursday, January 20, 2011

Psalm 46:2-4

Psalm 46:2-4
God is our refuge and our strength,
an ever-present help in distress.
Thus, we do not fear, though earth be shaken
And mountains quake to the depths of the sea,
though its waters rage and foam
and mountains totter at its surging.
The Lord of hosts is with us;
Our stronghold is the God of Jacob.
I find this an amazing comfort knowing that whatever happens God will always be there for me.  No matter how awful a situation I am in or no matter how helpless I feel I know I am not alone and I will always have God to get me through it.  With this realization there is no situation that is so daunting that I can’t get through it.
In this Psalm we are reminded that God is our refuge and our strength.  God will help us get through hard times and will give us a shelter we may need during those times.  How often do we find ourselves in hard times and we feel alone and helpless?  We are either so focused on feeling sorry for ourselves or so focused on finding a solution that we forget that we are in fact not alone but we have our Lord ever by our side.  How much easier would it be during these hard times if we were to turn to God for comfort and guidance?  We all need that thing in our live that never changes and is always unfailing and God is just that thing.  So next time you are in a situation that seems hopeless remember that if writer of this Psalm does not fear raging waters and the earth being shaken then we have nothing to fear with our Lord as our stronghold and our strength and our everlasting comfort.  This is something that we can count on.

Dear Lord, help me to remember that you will always be there for me as my strength and my refuge and that I have nothing to fear when I am with you.