Monday, February 28, 2011

Genesis 11:1-9

Genesis 11:1-9- The Tower of Babel

This is one of those bible stories that I remember reading as a child but haven't really looked at since.  It definitely seems like one that I will have to take a closer look at and really study it but for now here are some quick thoughts from an environmental/ conservation/ urbanization view point.
In this story the people try to build a city with a tall, tall tower so they can 'make a name for themselves'.  They are not building the city or the tower for any reason other then self honor and gain.  Is this the case today when we build cities and skyscrapers.  Are we just leaving our mark on the earth so we can prove that we can.  Just at God did not view the Tower of Babel as harmless our cities and towers of today are not harmless either.  While cities and skyscrapers can and do have many practical uses and advantages they do not come without their harm to the environment, the land, plants, wildlife, native people and a way of life that is lost in urban areas.  This is something that we must remember as we continue to create.  Just as God taught the people at the Tower of Babel we must remember that it is not right for us to simply do what we want without regard for the rest of God's creation.