Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Psalm 5:5

Psalm 5:5 
You are not a god who delights in evil;
no wicked person finds refuge with you;

This verse gave me a little bit of a hard time.  God provides us with shelter and protection, with refuge.  We know that even if we don't love God, God still loves us.   I God loves us he wouldn't turn us away.  So why couldn't even a wicked person find refuge with God?  Why couldn't even a persons who was wicked turn to God to find protection and refuge?  Would God refuse his refuge to someone who was looking for it just because they where wicked?
I think the point that I was missing is that if a person is looking for refuge with the Lord then they are not truly wicked.  It is not that a wicked person could not get God's refuge but more that a person who finds refuge with the Lord is not wicked.  Just by finding refuge with the Lord a person gains a little bit of truth and goodness.
Just be asking for God's direction and support we grow a little closer to him.  Just by seeking safety in the Lord we become a better person.  
I don't think this is quite the direction that the writer of the psalm was going with this verse but I find it as a very comforting thought especially when I see so many people in this world who are lost and are looking for something in their life to give them refuge.
Dear Lord, When I am in trouble help me to turn to you.  Help others who are in trouble to turn to you and find safety with you.