Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Praying for His will

God works in amazing ways.

I just wanted to write a quick post sharing something that I have learned recently.  I don't have any quote for today but what I learned came in part from several bible quotes and quotes from an influential Catholic writer.

It seems as if three separate events worked together to teach me something amazing.

First, I have been studying and reflecting on the words of the Our Father.  The last line that I wrote about was Thy Will Be Done.  It was with this that I started thinking about how Jesus taught us to pray for his Father's will to be done, not our will.  Since the Our Father is teaching us how to pray, I feel that this line is directing us to pray for the Lords will to be done instead of always praying for what we want and what we think will make us happy.  This seems great as an idea but a lot harder in practice.

Secondly at an opening prayer at a bible study a friend of mine said the Thomas Merton prayer.  It is a truly beautiful prayer (which I will write more about later).  It helps us to realize that we may not know what God wants us to do but with his help we can follow his perfect plan for us.  After bible study she gave each of us a little prayer card with this prayer on it.  When I got home it was left in my car.  Occasionally when I am sitting in the car I will pray this prayer.  I have found that it helps me to turn myself over to the Lord, to give Him my worries and my anxieties.  

The last (or next) big push came from nessessity.  I have been applying to new jobs in another part of the state.  When ever I am driving to an interview I am constantly worried about the job.  Is this the job that I want?  Will I be happy working there?  Is this the type of area that I would like to work it?  Is this to far away from my family?  Will my husband be able to find a job in this area?  And this is all before I even get into the interview.  There are so many questions that I really don't know the answers to.  Sometimes by the time I get to the interview I'm not even sure if I want the job anymore.  Well, before I go into the interview I say a quick prayer.  I find myself not praying that I get the job but that if this is the Lord's plan for me that I get the job.  I put it all in God's hands.  I pray that his will be carried out.  Either that I should get the job or not get the job.  Then I will truly know I am making the right choices.

These three events/ reflections are helping me to learn how to truly pray as the Lord's prayer teaches us: Thy Will be Done.

Dear Lord, Thank you for teaching me how to pray better.  I pray for your will to be carried out.

Joining in with Soli Deo Gloria
Hope all of you are having a great spring!