Friday, August 31, 2012

Quick takes #4

Just a few quick thoughts (or takes) from my studying and reading of and about the Lord.

--- 1 ---

Jesus is a teacher.  He was a great teacher.
Maybe this is something for all the teachers beginning the new school year.  Jesus was a teacher.  We may not be teaching the same subject as Jesus or in the same setting but we are still teachers.  How can Jesus' teachings help us become better teachers?

--- 2 ---

Matthew 16: 14
"Who do you say that I am?"
What would we say if Jesus asked us this question today?  Does the way we treat him accuratly reflect the answer that we would say?

--- 3 ---
We come to know our creator through his creation.
I love how seeing the true beauty in nature points us to the true beauty of the Lord.  There is nothing wrong with admiring and becoming inspired by the beauty of nature.  The Lord made it so it must be beautiful.  On the other side that must means  that all of his creation must be beautiful.  This is another interesting point to reflect on.

--- 4 ---

How can we impact culture for the Lord?
I always am hearing about how the culture of our times is impacting and influencing our life's and our decisions.  But we are part of the culture as well.  The culture is made up of all of us.  How can we influence the culture by our lives?

--- 5 ---

For every new thing known about God is a new reason for loving Him.  -Frank Sheed

This is just one of the beautiful reasons to study scripture and Catholic writings. 

--- 6 ---

After reading Thomas's word study of matrimony at Listening for the Shepherd, I came across my own interesting word meaning.
Amateur- from the French for one who loves.
An amateur is not someone who is unskilled but someone who is doing what they love.  This gives it a whole different meaning.

--- 7 ---
Well since it is almost Saturday this seems to be all I have for today.  Have a restful holiday weekend.  Enjoy the last bits of summer.

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