Monday, August 13, 2012

State of Denial

After a big move and a busy vacation with my parents, my 5 younger siblings, and my husband I am back to blogging.  On the drive back to my new apartment (the first bit of quite time I had all week) I thought about something that my mother told me several times that week.  "You are just like your Dad, living in a state of denial."  Most of the time this was in result of our discussions about some of the troubles that my brother is going through.  "A state of denial."  This sounds negative.  This is not the way I see my outlook on life and this is definitely not the way I view my Dad's outlook on life.  It is not a state of denial.  It's something more.  It feels to me more like a state of hope.  Not the kind of hope like when you hope there will be ice cream for desert.  I always tell my students that hoping they are going to pass a test is not going to make them pass the test.  

No, not that kind of hope.  A different kind.  An eternal hope in the Lord.  Living in a state of hope means that you don't overwhelm yourself with worrying, not because you deny that there is a problem, but because you know that it is in the Lord's hands and when we are in the Lord's hands we know we will be taken care of.

So when we as Christians are not filled with worry about those who are struggling or about the problems of the world, it is not because we live in a state of denial but because we live in a state of hope.  

Dear Lord, help us to never give up hope in you.

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