Sunday, April 10, 2011

Genesis 33 and 35

Genesis 33 and 35  Jacob and Esau

As we saw earlier in Genesis Jacob and Esau had more then their fair share of sibling arguments and competitions.  But here in these two chapters we see them coming back together.  In Genesis 33 Jacob and Esau meet again for the first time since Jacob stole their father's special blessing from Esau.  Jacob prepares for this meeting by trying to prevent Esau from attacking by giving him gifts and protecting his family.  When the two brothers finally actually meet each other it is a very peaceful meeting.  Then chapter 35:29, after Isaac dies it states that "His sons Esau and Jacob buried him." 
I feel that this is something that happens often, an argument occurs that separates two people.  These two people remain separated for far to long.  Longer then either one of them wanted to be apart.  Then it takes some big event or death to bring them back together. 

Dear Lord, Help us reconnect with those who we may have separated ourselves from in the past.  Help us to love them as the Lord loves us.