Friday, April 1, 2011

Genesis 27

Genesis 27 Jacob's Deception

Often time when I have been reading Genesis I come away with more questions then I started with.  I read it and I understand the story but I don't really understand why.  I guess the best thing to do is to just continue reading, continue reflecting on it, continue studying about it, to continue to pray about it and not to give up.
Back to Genesis.  Although I don't understand the reasons why, I do understand the story of Jacob (and Rebekah) deceiving Isaac.  Rebekah and Isaac have two sons, Esau and Jacob.  Isaac likes Esau better and Rebekah likes Jacob better.  Isaac wants to give Esau a special blessing but first he must prepare his father with a special meal.  Rebekah overhears this request and tries to get that special blessing for Jacob instead.  So she helps Jacob along, she prepared the dish for him and helps him to disguise himself as his brother.  They carry out their plan and sure enough Isaac unknowingly gives his blessing to Jacob instead of Esau.  Esau is understandably angry but Isaac does not have any more special blessing to give him.  Esau is so angry that he wants to kill his brother so their mother has Jacob run away to his uncle so he will be protected.
This is one crazy family story.  Although it is obviously in a different time and place it reminds of crazy family situations and stories that we here about or experience in our own times.