Monday, November 7, 2011

Someone you know

Yesterday at mass the Gospel reading (Matthew 25:1-13) spoke about the Lord returns and we meet him.  My deacon said something in regard to meeting the Lord that has been stuck with me for the past two days.  He stated that he believed that when we do meet the Lord he will be someone that we know, someone that we are familiar with.  

This has been stuck in my head but I'm not sure what to make of it.

The Lord should be someone that we know.  We should be building a constant relationship with the Lord through prayer and worship.  When we meet the Lord it should be like meeting an old friend, not someone that we have never spoken to before.

This thought could also be viewed as the idea that we need to see the Lord in everyone.  Each person is made in the image of the Lord.  We need to see that image in everyone that we come into contact with.  We need to see the Lord in our neighbors, friends, family and even in people that we hardly know.  If we see the Lord in all the people around us then when we meet the Lord he will not be a stranger because we saw him everyday.

These two ideas really make me think about how I view my relationship with the Lord and with others.

Dear Lord, Help me to grow closer to you and to see your face in all those that I meet.