Thursday, March 10, 2011

Genesis 17:1

Genesis 17:1
Walk in my presence and be blameless.

This is a great image: to walk in the presence of the Lord.  To walk with the Lord watching over you.  To spend your day with the Lord looking out for you. 
There are two sides to this.  The first image that came to my mind was a person walking through their life with God always being there to get them through the tough spots.  We know that whatever happens to us, as long as we are walking in the presence of the Lord, he will get us through it.
The second image that I get is that whatever we do God can see it because we are walking in his presence.  I think about all the times that I didn’t act in the most Christian way and I feel a little embarrassed to know that God was watching me.  If I am walking in the presence of the Lord I should be acting in the way that Jesus taught us to act.
I feel that walking in the presence of the Lord is something that we have to actively do.  I know that God is watching down on us all the time whether we realize it or not but I feel that is it different and important to consciously realize that God is always there and we can always turn to him.  I feel that we need to actively think about our actions with the realization that God is watching.
This is an amazing comfort, not a threat or means of intimidation.

Dear Lord, Thank you for watching over me and help me to actively choose to walk in your presence.