Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Genesis 25: 29-34

Genesis 25:29-34
Esau sells his birthright to Jacob

This is a passage that leaves me with a lot of questions.  I understand what happened but I really am at a loss to explain why it happened.  Since Esau was born first he had the birthright.  I understand that this was a special honor and privileged.  I could understand why Jacob may want the birthright.  But what I don't understand is how he got the birthright.  Jacob was making stew when his brother Esau came in hungry.  Esau asks for some but instead of giving him some Jacob demands Esau's birthright before he will share any of his stew.  This sounds like an outrageous demand.  Why would Esau trade this great birthright for a spoonful of stew.  But then Esau surprises you and agrees to the trade.  Esau just traded his birthright for a spoonful of stew!  Why? 
Was the stew really that good to be worth the birthright?  Was Esau really that hungry that he had to resort to selling his birthright?  Maybe he wasn't going to survive without some fool.  Maybe Esau beleived that a spoonful of stew was really more important the his birthright?
Whatever the case this is something that I need to look into farther and do some farther readdng, study and reflection on this passage