Friday, July 27, 2012

Quick Takes #3 Reading a great book

reading man with glasses by nlyl - A simple picture of a man with glasses reading an orange book.

Here is the other side of last weeks quick takes.  Last week I listed signs that you do not like the book you are trying to read.  After another trip to the library I can bring you a list of signs that you are reading a book that you love.  Happy Reading!

--- 1 ---
  You read the first chapter before you even leave the library.

--- 2 ---
You always read before bed and often end up being awake hours later than you planned on going to sleep.

--- 3 ---
You have the book with you every time you leave the house.  You never know, you might get stuck in traffic, there might be a line at the grocery store or there might be a really long red light.

--- 4 ---
You find yourself thinking about the book all the time.  You just can't get it out of your head so you might as well read it.
staring at a book by johnny_automatic - a cartoon from Drawn at a Venture by Fougasse (1922)

--- 5 ---
You tell everyone you meet about the great book you are reading.  You also show it to them because you are always carrying it around.  (See number 3)

--- 6 ---
 You arrive at doctor appointments 30 minutes early just so you will have time to read in the waiting room.  You are then disappointed when the doctor is ready for you early. 

--- 7 ---
 You have not posted all week because every spare minute was spent reading.

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