Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Psalm 14:6

Psalm 14:6
They would crush the hopes of the poor, but the poor have the Lord as their refuge.

Imagine this.  There is a person who is going through very difficult hardships.  Maybe their family is falling apart, maybe their job is becoming to much for them, maybe their home has been destroyed by a natural disaster or maybe they are being persecuted for something.  They have experienced so many set backs and struggles that the average person would have completely given up by now (or long before now).  But not this person.  They still have hope.  They are still working towards some greater good.  People look at them and wonder how they could possibly still have hope given the situation that they are in. 
How can they do this?  They can do this because they have the Lord as their refuge.  With the Lord as your refuge there isn't anything that you can't make it through.  Nothing can crush your hope if you find refuge with the Lord.  We can give witness to our faith and trust in the Lord by not giving up hope when the rest of the word expects you to.  You can not only remain hopeful because you have the protection of the Lord but you can also spread you hope to others who are in trouble and show your trust in the Lord to anyone who observes your unwavering hope.

Dear Lord, Help me to be a witness to you love and protection by remaining hopeful in difficult times.