Monday, July 11, 2011


Numbers 9:8
Moses answered them, “Wait until I learn what the Lord will command in your regard.”

I love this.  The people asked Moses a question that he could not answer but this was not a problem, he simply said “Wait, I’ll ask God.”  There is no belief that Moses should know the answer to every question on his own.  There is to worrying because they don’t know where to find an answer.  There is no doubt that they will find the correct answer.  Moses just asks the Lord and then he can give the people the correct answer.
I wish I could be more like this.  I will I could completely stop worrying.  I with I could be confident that the Lord will give me (and I will hear) the correct answers.  I wish I had the patients to wait for the correct answer.

Dear Lord, Help me to ask you when I have a question or need direction.