Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Psalm 11:1-3

Psalm 11:1-3
In the Lord I take refuge;
how can you say to me,
"Flee like a bird to the mountains!
See how the wicked string their bows,
fit their arrows to the string
to shoot from the shadows at the upright.
When foundations are being destroyed,
what can the upright do?"

Sometimes it feels like everything around us is falling apart or going in the wrong direction; the government, our schools, health care, the environment, families and the list could go on.  It seems like it would just be easier to run away and hide.  Sometimes it even seems like running to the mountains may be our only option.  But with the Lord as our refuge we never have to simply run away.  We have so much more.  When our foundations are falling apart we can stay and work towards goodness and truth, we don't have to be defeated and run and hide.
I know I need to remember this more in my daily life when I feel defeated and like there is no right answer (let alone one that could be agreed upon).  I need to remember that I can't just give up and watch but I need to actively take part in working towards an answer.  With the Lord as my refuge and support I don't have to fear defeat.

Dear Lord, Help me to not feel defeated but to look to you for hope and joy.