Friday, June 24, 2011

Psalm 19:10

Psalm 19:10
The statues of the Lord are true,
all of them just;

There are unjust laws.  Whichever form of government you have or whichever organization you are part of there will be laws or rules that you believe are not right, just or fair.  But this is not true when it comes to the Lord’s laws.  The Lord is perfect so his laws are perfect.  The Lord made us so his laws for us are true and just.  Even when we don’t completely agree with the laws of the Lord or when they may seem unjust or unfair I know that this is only because I don’t completely understand the meaning of the law not that the Laws are wrong.  If I had the complete understanding that the Lord has then I know that I would realize that his laws are just and true.  But I am not the Lord so I do not have a complete understanding but since I know that the Lord is perfect, I know that his laws are true and just.
This is not to say that individual churches, priests, bishops or even the Pope can not make rules that are unjust.  They are only human.  There are times that these laws are unjust.  But if the law is really a law from the Lord we can be assured that it is truly just.