Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finding Beauty in the Mass- Distribution of Communion

My parish church is set up so the congregation sits on three sides of the alter.  There are usually about 8 people distributing holy communion including the priest and deacons.  Just after the sign of peace they all gather behind the priest on the alter.  The priest them distributes communion to these people.  Then they all separate, leaving the alter in all directions to distribute communion to the rest of the congregation.  This is the part that I love to watch and reflect on.

The priest is literally sharing the body of Christ to the ministers of holy communion.  Then they all take what they were given and share it with the entire congregation.

Jesus didn't teach his disciples just so they could know the truth but so the could share his teachings with others and spread the truth to the whole world.  This is what I am observing during the mass, the priest shares the truth with the ministers of holy communion and then they in turn share it with the rest of us.  

But this is not (or should not be) where it ends.  The good news should not end with the parishioners sitting in the pews on Sunday.  We are then called to go out and share this good news with those who we come into contact with throughout the week.  We are called to take what we receive at mass each we and share it with the rest of our world.  

As I reflected on the beauty that I saw during the mass I couldn't help thinking about how we have to continue this beauty after we leave mass.  So often this is where it stops.  In the same way that the priest gave the body of Christ to the ministers of holy communion and they in turn gave it to me, I have to continue sharing this truth, love and joy to the people that I come into contact with through the day and the week.

What are some ways that we can do this?  How can we share what we learn and receive in mass each week?

Dear Lord, Help me to bring you love and your truth to all those who I come into contact with this week.

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