Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Our Father- Our

Join me as I take a closer look at The Our Father.  

Even in just the first word of this beautiful prayer I find great meaning and strength.  
Our Father, not My Father.  Usually when I talk about my earthly father I refer to him as my father.  The only time that I would refer to him as our father is if I am speaking for or with my brothers.  When we refer to the Lord as our Father rather then my Father we show that we are speaking not alone but with all Christians.  Even if you are saying this prayer alone on a deserted island, you are not saying this prayer alone.  This is a communal prayer of all God's people.  We are uniting ourselves with all Christians as we recite this prayer.  In the same way we are not individually praying for ourselves but for all of God's people.  In just the first word of this prayer we are united as a Church in prayer to the Lord.

This brings me a sense of comfort and unity.  As I lay in bed this morning next to my sleeping husband I began praying the Lord's prayer.  With simply this first word I had a feeling of praying not just for my needs and concerns but for the needs and concerns of my husband as well.

With only one word I went from one person praying before she started the day to the entire Christian people praying to our Lord.

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