Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hallowed be thy Name

Join me as I take a closer look at The Our Father.  

Hallowed be thy Name.
Holy be the name of the Lord.
The name of the Lord is Holy.

The Our Father is not just a prayer the the Lord gave us but a prayer that reaches us how to pray.  This is the first of seven petitions contained in this prayer.  Jesus is teaching us to begin our pray by giving praise to his Father.  We pray that his name be made holy but in doing so we also need to give him glory and praise.  When we praise the Lord we are removed from our self and brought before the Lord.  We empty ourselves and focus on the Lord.  All prayer needs to start this way.  We need to remember that our focus should be on the Lord and not on ourselves.  Praising the Lord is a way to direct our payer to the one who deserves our praise and attention and not simply focused around ourselves and our own little world.

Dear Lord, You are mighty beyond all wonder.  You are deserving of all praise and glory.  Help me to praise your name.

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