Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thy Kingdom Come

Join me as I take a closer look at The Our Father.  

Thy Kingdom Come

In this line we pray for the kingdom or the reign of God to come.  We need to turn ourselves over to the Kingdom of the Lord.  If we are praying for the kingdom of God to come then we need to be ready to turn ourselves over to our King, the Lord.  The Lord needs to be above all else in our lives.  He needs to be our ruler and our guide.  We need to create the kingdom of the Lord in ourselves so we can be ready when the Kingdom of the Lord comes.  

When I here the phrase "The Kingdom of God" I think about what a perfect place that would be.  Everyday we here about corrupt, abusive, distorted or destructive governments in our country and around the world.  Sometimes it seems like there is no conceivable way to create a good, fair and just government.  But this wouldn't be the case with the Kingdom of God.  I imagine that the Kingdom of God would be all of those things and more.  This is definitely something that we should all be praying for.

Dear Lord, Help me prepare myself for your kingdom.

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