Friday, July 20, 2012

Quick Takes #2 When to stop reading a book.

books by johnny_automatic - Line and Form by Walter Crane, 1914I have not been reading very much over the past few days.  I am starting to think this is a sign that I am not enjoying the book that I am reading (as much as I try to convince myself that I do really enjoy it).  Over the past few months I have decided that there is nothing wrong with not finishing a book or returning a book to the library unread just because when you got home you couldn't convince yourself to actually open it.  It just seems like a better idea to stop trying to read the book that in reality you don't love and find one that you do love.  So today I though I would list some ways to determine that you should stop reading a book (because sometimes you really think you do like it).
--- 1 ---
Last night you decided not to read before going to sleep.  And the night before, and the one before that.

--- 2 ---
 When you do read before bed you rarely finish more than one page before you can't keep your eyes open.

--- 3 ---
You find yourself siting down to read and when you get up the bookmark has not moved.

--- 4 ---
You have not read in so long that you can't remember what book you are currently reading.

--- 5 ---
You get an email from the library telling you that the book is due but you have not yet made it through the introduction.

--- 6 ---
 Someone asks you what the book is about and you really can't answer them, not because it is to complicated but because you really don't know.

Library Book Cart by SteveLambert - Color drawing of a library book cart, the type used to re-shelve books--- 7 ---
Well if this sounds like you (and it definitely sounds like me right now) I would say that its time for you to give up on that book that you are reading (if we could even call it that) and make a trip to the library.  Why waste your time on this kind of reading when you could really be reading?
Next week, How you know when you are reading a book that you love. Hopefully I'll find one by then.

Also keep all the people involved in the shooting in Colorado in your prayers. 
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