Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Our Father- Give us this day our daily bread.

Join me as I take a closer look at The Our Father. 

Give us this day our daily bread.

I have been reflecting on this line for a few days now and there is always one word that comes out to me.


Every day.

What are somethings that we do everyday?  Eat, sleep, take a shower, brush your teeth, get dressed.

These are things that we do everyday.  Some we do every day in order to survive (eat, sleep) and others we do every day to stay clean and take part in our lives.  The day just wouldn't seem right if we skipped one of these things.  Something would be missing.  We wouldn't skip a day if we could help it.  It would not suffice to only do these things once a week. 

Daily.  Every day.  365 days a year.

Just as we need to eat everyday in order to stay health we need to be feed by the Lord everyday in order to be spiritually healthy.

Often times when people hear you are Christian or Catholic they assume all that means is that you go to church on Sundays.  That is not daily, that is weekly.  We can not live on that and we definitely can't thrive.

Often times people will tell me "Yeah I'm Catholic I go to Saint Christopher's on Christmas.  That is not daily, that is yearly.  Jesus does not expect us to be able to live off that!

We need contact with the Lord daily in order to be a thriving Christian.  We need to have daily contact with the Lord to be able to survive.  We need to be feed by the Lord everyday.  This food does not always have to be the Eucharist, although I do recommend daily mass when you can.  This food could be reading his words in the bible or finding some time each day for real prayer.  The Lord provides us with the Eucharist to be our spiritual food here on Earth but even when we are not able to receive the Eucharist daily we still need to receive food from the Lord daily in order to remain spiritually healthy.

How do you receive food from the Lord daily. 

Dear Lord,  I ask you to feed those who are hungry with your living food. 

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