Monday, August 1, 2011

The anticipation

Over the weekend I read an article about what makes a happy person in a Sunday insert in the newspaper.  There was nothing in the article about having a meaningful faith or spiritual life but that's another point altogether, what can you expect from a newspaper insert.  

But one point really made me think.  It said that people are happier before they go on vacation, not when they are on vacation or when they come back.  The simple anticipation and planning for the vacation can make you happier the the actual vacation.  I completely agree with this.  I love planning trips.  I love thinking about what I will see, deciding where I will go, reading travel reviews online, reading guide books and planning what I will pack.  I usually enjoy the trips but sometimes it feels like a little of a let down after all the planning.  It upsets me that I enjoyed the planning more than the trip.

This seems to be true in other aspects of my life as well, not only vacations.  It is still the middle of summer vacation and I am already thinking about my classroom for the fall.  I have all these ideas about things that I want to do to get ready for the fall but I feel that I should be enjoying my summer and not spending my time preparing for the fall, I can do that at the end of the summer.  Well today I gave in.  I spent a few hours working on lessons and ideas for the fall.  Is that so bad.  If I get a little work done now I will have more free time during the school year to plan for the next vacation.

If I find more happiness in the preparation and anticipation why should I fight it.  Maybe I need to embrace it.  

On the other hand I feel like if I embrace it I will always be living in the future.  

Do you find this true in your own life?  Do you embrace it or fight it?

I think I need to work on finding the perfect balance.

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