Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lost Keys

I have noticed that the same pattern often occurs when I have something to worry about.  I worry and worry and worry and worry (and probably upset the people around me quite a bit) and then just before the problem is worked out and I can stop worrying I turn to God in prayer.  Why does it always work this way?  Why do I always turn to the Lord at the end?

I think it might be a little like when you loose your keys.  No matter how long you look for them they are always in the last place you look.  Why?  Well, because when you find them you stop looking.  

When you pray to the Lord about your worries and your problems he helps you through them.  With him you can work out your problems.  With him you don't have to worry.  I don't think it is a coincidence that I always turn to the Lord just before my worrying comes to an end.

While recognizing and understanding this can not help us find our lost car keys any faster it can help us with our worrying and our relationship with the Lord.

It should not take hours and hours of worrying before we turn to the Lord.  When we have a problem, praying to the Lord should be one of our first thoughts not a last resort.  We should be working towards having a relationship with the Lord like we have with our best friend.  We don't have to call our best friend up to tell them about a big event because they are already there or you are already talking to them.  We should be praying to the Lord constantly when we have a problem and when things are going great.  

I have found that without help, strength and directions from the Lord it is very difficult to workout or solve any problems that I run into, but when I pray to the Lord and ask for his assistance I am able to work through my problems or at least the problems don't seem as big anymore.

Dear Lord, help me to turn to you in everything that I do.