Saturday, August 27, 2011

Matthew 4:2

Matthew 4:2 
He fasted for forty days and forty nights, and afterwards he was hungry.

First of all I think to say that "he was hungry" was quite an understatement.  But on to my point...

Why did Jesus fast for all this time?  Why did he put his body and him mind through all this?  Was there some purpose to it? 

For this lets look at what occurs right after he fasts.  In versed 3-10 of Matthew chapter 4 Jesus is tempted by Satan three times and each time he is able to resist Satan.  

Jesus prepared to be tempted by fasting and praying.  After 40 days and 40 nights of discipline he was able to resist the temptations that were placed before him.
We also need to prepare for the temptations that are placed before us.  If we practice a life of prayer and discipline we will be better prepared to withstand the temptations that we come across in our daily life.

Often times there are sacrifices that we make that might not seem like they have any purpose (like abstaining from meat on Friday's in lent.)  But are they really without purpose or are they helping to prepare us for temptations?

Dear Lord, Help me to live a disciplined life so I can better withstand temptations and serve you.